At XA Technologies, innovation is not just another buzzword we like to use. We believe innovation is what differentiates a market leader from its competitors.


In our view, innovation is the only way for a business to remain healthy, resilient and sustainable in today’s fast-paced world. We also believe that the importance of innovation reaches beyond the economic benefits. Innovation creates opportunities for people to improve their lives and is, in that sense, crucial to the advancement of any society.

Looking around us, we notice that our business community and our government are starting to understand the importance of innovation and we are pleased to see that we, as a society, are focusing more on generating, adopting and implementing new ideas. Like any other journey, the first steps are the hardest and Aruba is not there yet. Some individuals and companies, notably in the IT-sector, do not fully comprehend that innovation means investing time and money now to reap the benefits later on. We believe there is an opportunity here for us all- the business community, our government as well as other public institutions- to unite and collectively drive innovation in our society. Each and every one of us can make a difference.

That’s the main reason that we at XA Technologies continuously look for ways to improve and innovate. Our core business is technological innovation, however our focus is not limited thereto. Our broad view of innovation means that we look for ways to adopt and implement new ideas relative to our business model, our internal processes, our clients’ experience as well as our products and services. In fact, we’ve included this very notion in our core values. We think beyond setting the benchmark for our industry and that is what innovation is all about.