Member Highlight

Ana Maria is a marketer who recently founded and currently runs her own agency called Ballyhoo Branding & Merchandising. As a brand and marketing manager for distribution stakeholders on the island for the past 7 years, Ana Maria worked and managed world-renowned brands and portfolios. Her experience with a wide variety of brands and business models that span across the fast-food, beauty, retail, commodity and alcohol industry have given her the knowledge, experience and confidence to open her own agency. Ballyhoo offers a wide range of services, from research, strategy, branding and merchandising to execution and content marketing, catering to brand owners in Aruba.



THE SPIRIT OF SHARING: Collaborative partnerships

Making the decision to start my own business and leave the stability and comfort of corporate life was not easy, but the collaborative movement I saw all around me inspired me. The culture of sharing is slowly catching up in Aruba; businesses are discovering that by collaborating with other businesses, they can grow. Especially small businesses, which in order to grow, have to be able to collaborate sustainably, forging relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust, without risking intellectual property or losing valued talent. I feel that as before businesses operated in a more cut-throat environment, the up and coming generation of entrepreneurs sees the value of collaboration, Co.Lab being the perfect example. We realise that we can fuse and leverage different viewpoints to create better solutions. It’s about taking a little bit of what’s right from “my idea,” a little bit of what’s right from “your idea” and bringing together all the best insights for more powerful results.