Intro Date July 28, 2015
Begins at 6.30pm
Ends at 9:00pm
Location Anasastraat #4, Dakota - co.lab Workspace

As you know, we are building this community to co-share, co-create and collaborate. An important part of that is to make sure that your voice is heard and that as a community our voices are aligned. This way we can make sure that as facilitators of the community we can provide you with what is important to you.

Besides making sure that co.lab as a community caters to your needs, as a community of entrepreneurs we can strengthen our position when pushing for improvement within the entrepreneurial climate in Aruba.

For this reason we are announcing our first co.lab Member’s Only. During the meeting we will discuss your membership, the course of the community and what needs to change in Aruba to facilitate entrepreneurship in Aruba.

If there are any specific topics that you would like to discuss during the meeting, please reply and we will add it to the agenda.

Let us know if you can make it! Register below!

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