Crafting your Brand

Intro Date February 26, 2015
Begins at 7:00 pm
Ends at 9:30 pm
Location Tierra del Sol Resort & Golf


co.lab: The Community presents: Table Talk for Serious Entrepreneurs

Table Talk for Serious Entrepreneurs is a series of table talks where guests sit comfortably, talk and learn more about a specific topic. This month’s Table Talk topic: Crafting your Brand.

We all know that in this day and age branding, whether business or personal, is essential. Branding tells the story of you or your business. But what does branding really mean? And how do we go about branding ourselves and/or our business successfully? Let’s discuss it at our next Table Talk: For serious entrepreneurs.


Our Guest Speakers

We are happy to announce our guest speakers at next week’s Table Talk: Crafting your Brand. Julissa “Julie-Julie” Margarita and Jo-Anne Mary Arends.

Julissa “Julie-Julie” Margarita

Julie-Julie has taken personal branding to another level here in Aruba.


Jo-Anne Mary Arends

Meet Jo-Anne Arends, the Head Airline Marketing at Aruba Airport Authority. Jo-Anne Arends believes she has her dream job at the Aruba Airport Authority. Airlines are Aruba Airport’s closest allies because they also promote Aruba as a destination. Communication with these parties is essential; the airport tries to meet with them three to four times a year – and that is where its gears a lot of its investments to. The airport does invest in advertising and is convinced that not one single tourist will come to the island as a result of seeing an advert of the airport. Instead, it is cultivating an eye-to-eye relationship with airlines, and cooperation with its partners and stakeholders.

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