Welcome our newest member

A dedicated Functional Movement Trainer at Muscles & Lungs CrossFit, who is always in search of improving his coaching abilities in order to be a better trainer/CrossFit coach. Javier is continuously searching for different ways to help his clients be better at whatever they want to accomplish, and cannot stay still for long.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 22.25.00 I joined co.lab because this group was designed with the intention to connect fellow entrepreneurs together for: supporting each others challenges, creating greater opportunities, maximizing human connections and leaning towards deeper personal fulfillment.



Whether you are just getting your business off the ground or already established, this group is for you.  Come out to network, learn and contribute; as we access new resources, explore future trends and spark leading edge ideas that may just lift your business to a whole new level.


Do what you love and be passionate about it, passionate creators. The people in this group just like me started their businesses or are planning to do so out of love for what they do, and they believe wholeheartedly that passion is a crucial quality of success. Running their businesses gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride and especially all the people you helped and touch one way or another during the JOURNEY.

Remember to come by Muscles & Lungs CrossFit and get a tour of our box, www.musclesandlungscrossfit.com.

I personally want to thank co.lab for making this opportunity of joining and welcoming our on-going passion, enthusiasm and positive energy to this amazing team, as Aruba will definitely benefits from all of this.