2014 Recap & 2015 forecast

What a year it has been! It’s easy to move forward without looking back, but taking stock of where you’ve been has its benefits. Now that the holiday excitement has died down, we look back on an awesome 2014. See? We’ve even made a comprehensive infographic. And check out what we have in store for 2015!

2014 Recap

We’ve been itching to introduce our ideas to Aruba for a while, so it was a proud moment when we launched co.lab in May 2014. Psyched by the positive feedback we received, we held the first of many First Fridays just a few weeks later. These informal gatherings are now the place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Invigorated by the response, we introduced Time 2 Think a short while after. What we love most about this event is that it allows organizations to tap into our collective explorations, discoveries and experiences resulting in an action plan. We got the ball rolling in June and a group from San Nicolas followed suit shortly thereafter with a brainstorm session on how to revive the city.

Driven by our eagerness to learn, we made Table Talk a reality in August. It’s where we come together with experts and talk about the journey from big idea to successful start-up. Sessions focused on that very topic as well as the fun(ding) part, and the benefits of collaboration.

We’ve ended 2014 on a high note by officially accepting members (we are at more than twenty now!), collaborating to bring you our monthly newsletters, and signing our first business member. A special shout-out to PwC!

2015 Forecast

We don’t like dwelling on the past, so let’s move forward quickly. Gone are the days where interacting and collaborating with others was seen as giving away commercial secrets. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you this year.

Collaborative workspaces
Collaboration and inspiration are the keys to innovation, so no wonder everyone seems to be fighting to join the bandwagon. However, nirvana isn’t simply achieved by putting a few people together. Our workspaces will consist of intentional spaces with the tools necessary for collaborative activities and an inspirational décor to match.

In-house services
There’s no shame in admitting you need help. That’s why we’ll be teaming up with administrative, marketing, creative, and other geniuses to help those of you who just can’t wrap their minds around administrative, sales, marketing, and development jargon with these critical tasks.

Incubation Programme
Let’s face it, being innovative is tough. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could translate your big idea into a viable business plan in just a few months? Soon we’ll be offering promising pioneers all that is needed to bring a big idea to life in the Incubation Programme. It will be a fun, social experience as opposed to a strict task-oriented dungeon. The way we envision it, we’ll get more minds thinking about your product and make sure you develop the hard and soft skills you need to pitch it to an investor.

More +
These are just a few of our big ideas and we hope that our enthusiasm inspires you to pursue your own business dreams this year. Just remember that you can’t just sit around and plan forever. It’s critical to your success that you go out there and do it. Find the best environment for you to thrive and if it’s not there, help us build it. After all, when a movement gathers power there is an energy which causes its vision and mission to flourish!
If after careful consideration (or on impulse, if that’s your style) you feel that co.lab is attuned to your vision, join us in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships in 2015 by contacting us through info@colab-aruba.com. Members who are already cultivating away can send comments or just say hi by using the same e-mail address.