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Our mission is to build a community that empowers people in Aruba in order to make their dreams a reality. What began as three guys with an idea, has turned into a movement that is changing the concept of how businesses should be built and managed.

At co.lab: The Community, the members are what it is all about. Our members guide the community in the direction that it needs to go. No matter what your background is or where you want to go, if entrepreneurship drives you, you are at the right place. The willingness to achieve more through collaboration is what ties this community together.

co.lab: The Community has added a number of benefits and services for its members to assist and facilitate you to reach your goal and make your dreams become reality.

co.lab: The Community organizes at least one event per month where its members meet, catch up, socialize, network, and makes dream come true.  Each event has its own character, and serves as a meeting point for the members of the community. As a member you can enjoy:

  • Exclusive access
  • Special discounts
  • Early invitation
  • Showcase your start up or product

Easy Access
co.lab: The Community has established partnerships with key businesses in order to offer its members a number of benefits when applying for their products and services. We are constantly looking for more strategic partners that are beneficial to your business and ideas.

Coming Soon
As a member you can log in to and go to your personal dashboard where co.lab offers a variety of services that stimulate collaboration amongst peers and also can help you boost your start-up.

Here’s a few:

  • Member profile page where you can upload your profile, including skills and expertise.
  • Connect with peers for co-sharing, co-creating, and collaborating
  • Form groups where you can exchange ideas, collaborate on a project or simply support and motivate each other
  • Initiate think tank and brainstorm sessions, whether open or upon invitation
  • And much more!

We’re Just Getting Started
We will continuously update you as we add more benefits and services for our member. Stay pending! To apply for membership, click on Become a Member below.

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