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Being married to an Antillean girl (born on Curacao, raised on Aruba), I had visited Aruba several times before we decided to move to Aruba about 11 years ago. Having studied American Studies in Nijmegen with an emphasis on Management and Policy making and having worked at Van Gend & Loos and DHL, my background could be described as rather broad.

On Aruba I first worked at Martijn Trading and later went regional with a job at one of their suppliers. After traveling all over the Caribbean for a good 5 years, I started working at the University of Aruba in 2011. My job-title is Business Director, which basically entails that I am responsible for all supporting-services at the University of Aruba (UA). As this ranges from Finance to HR, includes the library and ICT, is not limited to Facility Management and Quality Control, it is fair to say that I need to be a generalist.

To me a generalist is somebody that needs to know enough of all the important stuff without being a specialist at most of it….which I think holds true for a entrepreneur as well.

Why I joined co.lab


What can the University of Aruba do for you?

Creating a win-win situation is something I try and achieve when collaborating with others. In this regard I want to ask all co.lab members to reach out to me and tell me what the University of Aruba can do for them. Are you looking for interns? Do you want to upgrade your knowledge? In what sense would you be able to partner with the UA and together create something better? Let me know…..