It’s that time of year

How time has flown! It was just over a year ago that we sent our very first newsletter into the ether. We couldn’t think of a more perfect time to reflect on the past year, look ahead to next year and basically join the rest of the world in the drunken stupor that is called “the holidays.”

We started this year with big dreams that we boldly expressed in our January newsletter and all over social media. Remember our very own quote we posted online on the last day of last year? “This coming year, instead of making promises, let’s just build them!” Obviously, there was no turning back. So we worked our butts off to bring our goals to fruition.

We gathered the brightest minds to share their knowledge and to inspire you during our Table Talks. We chose the coolest venues on the island for our First Fridays. We scoured the interwebs for inspirational quotes to share on Wednesdays. #WWoW, baby!

But more importantly, we followed our own advice and collaborated with brilliant entrepreneurs to bring the world the ATECH* Conference in August. It’s not our intention to toot our own horns, but the conference got rave reviews from all over the world. The two-day event attracted many global players in the technology and startup scene. They came to discuss the future of tech, investing in startups and to showcase the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Not to mention to connect with our local creative minds and to play. And, boy, did we play hard!

After taking a few days to recuperate, we delved into our next huge project. We launched Workspace on October 2nd hoping that it would eventually become a space where our members and other entrepreneurs can come together and collaborate. Our Workspace captain- Michelle- is running a tight ship and people love it. We have several newcomers- we even had a baby napping at one point- and repeat offenders and we feel like we’ve really achieved our original goal: to build a workspace consisting of intentional spaces with the tools necessary for collaborations and an inspirational décor to match.
Although we haven’t managed to achieve every single thing we set out to achieve this year, we did pretty ok if we do say so ourselves. And that’s all thanks to our loyal members, generous business members, engaging guests at our events, collaborative workspace users, awesome social media followers and lovely newsletter subscribers. A world of thank you to you and anyone else who in any way, shape or form has supported the movement.

Our big master plan for 2016 is basically to bring you more events and to intensify our efforts in stimulating entrepreneurship and collaboration in Aruba. On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with collaboration and productivity.
Want to tell us about your big plans for 2016? Email us at and we’ll be rooting for you throughout next year.