Joining a co-working space like co.lab

Whether you are an entrepreneur just launching your startup or a freelancer who has been working with many different clients through the years, you are probably no stranger to the loneliness that can set in when you are working from a small home office with no co-workers around you. For some, a conversation by the water cooler about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones will suffice. Others need more human interaction to fully recharge and stave off loneliness. The answer to your woes lies in co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces are communal office environments you can rent out as an affordable alternative to private office space. As an entrepreneur, you have unique processes, obstacles, and interests that come with your chosen profession and it may often be difficult to connect with others with a 9-to-5 job. Participating in a co-working space puts you in direct contact with other individuals who understand these struggles completely and may even be able to assist you if you build up a rapport.

Joining a co-working space like co.lab means that you have an easier chance of networking with people who might be in a similar industry. They get the chance to see how diligent and committed you are to the work you do and this may spark an interest in initiating or continuing a dialogue with you and subsequently helping you to gain visibility and traction with your business. There is something to be said, as well, for the benefits that come with a “hivemind,” meaning that there is a good chance you will have common interests with others in a co-working space beyond professional interests and can make friends. If you were to simply work from your home office all the time, you would automatically be forfeiting any chance to broaden your professional or personal network.

Besides the many benefits of co-working spaces (the chance to make strategic connections and perhaps find personal friends, as well as the affordability of renting a co-working space), it’s also important to remember that the people you rent a space with will be from all walks of life, possessing many different talents. You can use this to your advantage and even learn new skills, if both parties are amenable. By opening yourself up to learn as you make connections, you can also increase your chances of success with your business because you now have the opportunity to leverage more marketable skills with your clients.

If you are looking for more concrete evidence lauding the benefits of a co-working space, recent research ( attests to the fact that 42 percent of people reported higher income when renting out and working in a co-working space. Those who are creating startups are also four times more likely to succeed than those who do not work in a co-working space. There are a few other appealing benefits:

  • 85 percent are more motivated
  • 88 percent interact better with others
  • More than half now work with a team

And while the local coffee shop or cafe is certainly an option, you are not nearly as likely to connect with others there. Connections do happen, certainly (connections can happen anywhere, anytime, given the right spark – see: every romantic comedy), but since cafes tend to be crowded places filled with people who are more often than not taking time out of their day to decompress, it would be rare to find others who would actually be working. There’s usually music playing, people chattering away, drink and food orders being announced. Not the environment most conducive to concentration and focused work.

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