Member Highlight

Doing what you love has always been my motto, and after being in search of that for a few years in Aruba, I decided to start my own business. I’ve always had a drive for promoting Aruba every chance I got when I was in college, and I realized that once I got excited about something, I always wanted everyone else to know about it too. And this is how, after gaining experience in various industries in Aruba, that I decided to (ad)venture out and start Gerira Marketing.


Why I joined co.lab

I learned about co.lab through Facebook. I read about the table talks they were organizing and thought that it was a great initiative of these guys to start getting entrepreneurs together, and exchanging ideas with each other and other experts. After going to a co.lab session in San Nicolas, I decided to join so I can be part of the co.lab organization, and of course learn more as I recently started my own business. The topics that the guys choose for the table talks are relevant and you get great networking opportunities during these sessions also.

I want to educate companies

As a marketer, knowing that marketing and advertising expenses is the first one to be cut when things are rough, kind of makes you wonder, why go into that business right now? Well, it can be tough indeed, but I want to educate companies, that marketing and advertising, when it is done effectively, is not an expense, but an investment. Every business has a different target market, and you should be mindful not to use the shotgun approach. Don’t spread your advertising florins all over expecting to gain a few, find out where your target audience is, and concentrate your investment where you know you will get their attention.